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Bfahome Gets Sorted

Episode 2: Wingardium Leviosa he finally makes it to Hogwarts. Give it a watch to see Bfahome master the controls and explore the castle that has become Harry's new home. When you're done, be sure to head over to the discussion topic to let him know what you think of the episode! We'll be back with [...]

12 minutes ago

Batman versus Superman in a friendly game of Chess

Who will win is anyone’s guess as these delightful poseable figures go brick head to brick head. Featuring fantastic custom LEGO minifig capes, these custom BrickHeadz designed by Kale Frost are simply brilliant! The scene pits two of DC’s most popular superheroes against each [...]

2 hours ago

[Revue] LEGO 70311 - La catapulte du Chaos

Revue d’une des premières boîtes Nexo Knights.

2 hours ago

Train Time in Wenham

How do NELUG members kick off school vacation week? By bringing our trains to the Wenham Museum on 132 Main St, Wenham, MA. We will be there this Saturday and Sunday, February 18th and 19th, from 10:00 till 4:00. Come see our display featuring a sky scraper or two, a castle, a carnival, [...]

2 hours ago

Toy Fair 2017: Pirates of the Caribbean

For the past few years, LEGO has timed the announcement of one of their Direct To Consumer (D2C) sets with Toy Fair. This year was no different, and a few minutes into our time at the LEGO booth the newest Pirates of the Caribbean set was announced. 71042 Silent Mary will be joined by two [...]

3 hours ago

A LEGO graphics card realistic enough to stick in your PC

If you judge a LEGO creation by its ability to be mistaken for something that isn’t LEGO, then this graphics card by Cecilie Fritzvold scores a perfect 10. While the description doesn’t state which graphics card this is supposed to be, it looks very much like an MSI 780 . [...]

4 hours ago

World Architecture, Al Pacino and Stealing your brother’s LEGO: a chat with Anu Pehrson [Interview]

This week we were able to talk with Anu Pehrson about her beautiful architectural builds, as well as many other aspects of the hobby. Anu lives in Seattle with her husband David and volunteers a lot of time to help make many different behind-the-scenes aspects of BrickCon run smoothly. She is a [...]

8 hours ago

Toy Fair 2017: Ninjago

Next up on our Toy Fair 2017 coverage, based on what you asked for is going to be Ninjago. Unfortunately the pictures won't be of anything new - the only 'regular' Ninjago sets coming out this year are the ones that launched last month, and we weren't allowed to take pictures of the sets based on [...]

8 hours ago

Carnaval de cine

Carnava de cine - electricBricks p.hello { font-size:12px; color:darkgray; }#google_language_translator, #flags { text-align:left; }#google_language_translator { clear:both; }#flags { width:165px; }#flags a { display:inline-block; margin-right:2px; [...]

10 hours ago

¡The LEGO Batman Movie ya en cines!

¿Aun no has visto la nueva LEGO PELÍCULA DE BATMAN?Desde el 11 de febrero en cines. ¡Millones de bricks y risas aseguradas!Aquí puedes seguir el hilo de los sets de la película.Pulsa sobre la imagen para más información

10 hours ago

Undersökning från Lego kring förpackningar

Lego vill gärna få in lite synpunkter kring Lego förpackningar!För mer info eller diskussion så kan ni kika i denna tråden.Annars så hoppar ni direkt till undersökningen via länken nedan: 0 kommentarer [...]

10 hours ago

Résultats du BrickPirate Challenge édition Spéciale noël 2016

Voici les résultats de l’édition spéciale du BP Challenge :

10 hours ago

New York Toy Fair new LEGO sets & more!

The New York Toy Fair took place this past weekend, and the LEGO fan community is abuzz talking about all the new sets and themes that were just revealed. Some of the sets we have seen at the German Toy Fair already (see: LEGO German Toy Fair New LEGO Sets & More!), while others are completely [...]

10 hours ago

A theatrical build from Freedom Square

Dohodno Zdanie is an architectural masterpiece with over 110 years of history, art and culture located in the heart of Rousse, Bulgaria. This imposing Neoclassical building can be found in Freedom Square,  within the city centre of Rousse,  and continues to hold a busy events calendar of theatre, [...]

11 hours ago

BrickWarriors Military Wave Part 2

Following on from Military Wave 1, BrickWarriors are at it again with their 2nd wave of of military minifigure pieces. Their ever expanding range now covers military uniforms and guns from various different countries and wartime periods. Choose from Tactical Suspenders, Mine Detectors, Supply [...]

13 hours ago

ToysRUs USA LEGO Sale: Until February 25

This week from February 17-25, Toys R Us America will be offering BOGO 50% off on ALL LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs, Team Packs and Level Packs. They also have some savings for The LEGO Batman Movie as well. LEGO Batman Movie Sales -50% off any LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack when you buy the LEGO Batman [...]

18 hours ago

Canada LEGO Sales This Week: 20-40% off Select Sets

There’s quite a selection of LEGO sales happening this week in Canada. Toys R Us as usual has their weekly LEGO sale. However, they also have a few extra sets discounted at 40% off online as well! Canada Toys R Us Weekly LEGO Sale (February 17-23) -20% off select LEGO Star Wars and [...]

18 hours ago

The LEGO Batman Movie Robin Minifigure Poster – Boy Wonder

Its the final week for The LEGO Batman Movie Poster promotion at LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK). This week’s exclusive poster is the LEGO Robin Minifigure. You can get it for free with any purchase; valid from February 20-26. If you are planning to get the LEGO [...]

19 hours ago

The LEGO Batman Movie Summer June 2017 Sets

The LEGO Movie has concluded its second weekend of opening and its still the number movie in the box office! If the current selection of The LEGO Movie sets don’t seem complete yet, not to worry as there will be more LEGO Batman Movie sets coming soon. The New York Toy Fair has also [...]

19 hours ago

Tremble in fear, defenders of Kamigawa!

While I understand that Magic: the Gathering as a game is not for everyone, it has to be said that its art is universal. Throughout the years I have seen a few builders drawing inspiration from the game, directly or indirectly and always to great results. This time Pascal, who built a LEGO Gisela, [...]

20 hours ago

Hope you didn’t plan on sleeping well tonight

Forget the chainsaw dripping with blood — everything in the face of this creepy clown built by LegoOzp is unsettling. The printed eye tiles, the colorful 4×4 dishes on the cheeks, the menacing grin — it’s enough to make someone like me with no fear of clowns a tad [...]

23 hours ago

March 2017 LEGO New Products Now Available Including Star Wars

Some of the March 2017 releases are now available LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Shop at Home. David writes in to let us know that these sets include new LEGO Star Wars, Ninjago, Super Heroes and more. While they have been available in Europe for some time now, this should be the first [...]

23 hours ago

New March 2017 LEGO Products Now Available

Some of the March 2017 releases are now available LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Shop at Home. David writes in to let us know that these sets include new LEGO Star Wars, Ninjago, Super Heroes and more. While they have been available in Europe for some time now, this should be the first [...]

23 hours ago

2017 LEGO Minifigures Series 17 Image (71018)

Images for the next LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series was shown at the New York Toy Fair. LEGO Series 18 Minifigures contains a nice blend of figures. There’s a few unique ones such as a Corn Man and a Rocket kid. Thanks to Brickshow for the image. 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigures [...]

23 hours ago

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 71042 The Silent Mary Revealed!

We’ve seen some blurry images of this set earlier and now, Yahoo has revealed the next LEGO exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man Tell No Tales set! LEGO 71042 The Silent Mary ship will be priced at $199.99 and will be released on April 1st, 2017. Dead Men Tell No Tales is the next [...]

23 hours ago

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