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We can rebuild him, we have the technology

Thank goodness Eero Okkonen had the incredible foresight to rebuild this lizard beast. After all, there aren’t that many Tyrannosaurus Rexes left in the wild! Using ABS plastic and discarded Bionicle technology, Eero was able to piece together all that remained of this once-great creature [...]

2 hours ago

LEGO Speed Champions 75880 McLaren 720s : Quelques visuels officiels

Voici quelques nouveaux visuels officiels du set LEGO Speed Champions 75880 McLaren 720s qui sera commercialisé en juin prochain. Les photos mises en ligne au début du mois par DriveTribes étaient présentées comme étant celles d'une version de pré-production du set, ces nouveaux [...]

3 hours ago

Don't Forget About the K-2SO Draft

5 hours ago

A LEGO Aston Martin that’s good enough for Bond

Even if you don’t like 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (though we loved it in our review), or Porsches in general, the existence of that set has opened the doors for many more creations through the introduction of some fantastic new elements. We’ve seen its pieces already used to make a [...]

6 hours ago

Cumpleaños en electricBricks

Cumpleaños en electricBricks p.hello { font-size:12px; color:darkgray; }#google_language_translator, #flags { text-align:left; }#google_language_translator { clear:both; }#flags { width:165px; }#flags a { display:inline-block; [...]

7 hours ago

LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder coming!

Yesterday afternoon LEGO revealed the #75144 LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder, which is the latest in the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series collection. Below are all the details, pictures, and the introductory video from the set designers. 🙂 Here is the official description: Build the [...]

7 hours ago

Cheers, love! LEGO Tracer’s Pulse Pistols from Overwatch

Tracer has become my hero of choice when playing in Overwatch competitive play on offense. Her movement abilities suit my play style of unpredictable movement—giving me a chance to compensate for my poor aim. So my latest LEGO build is of Tracer’s primary ability, her dual rapid-fire Pulse [...]

8 hours ago

Bringing music to the masses

The beginning of the 20th century brought music to the masses with the invention of mass market gramophone records, allowing for the reproduction of sound and radio broadcasts. Jazz and Blues were the first new-age genres to form entire cultures around them. Sven Franic‘s entry to the 2017 [...]

17 hours ago

[USA] LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger – 26% off

Amazon America currently has LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger 75147 on sale at $36.99 (reg.$49.99). Savings work out to be 26% off. They also have LEGO City 60122 Volcano Crawler down to $26.79 (reg.$39.99) which works out to be 33% off.

18 hours ago

LEGO Ideas Live Build this Friday

BZPower YouTube channel to watch us live! We'll be building a selection of sets from the LEGO Ideas theme, including 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine, 21307 Caterham Seven 620R, and 21308 Adventure Time, but possibly some older ones as well! Of course there will be prizes to give away, so it's [...]

19 hours ago

Hippie-er times on the Volkswagen Combi

There’s something very appealing about the nostalgic past of the Volkswagen T1 campers. The LEGO VW Camper 10220 remains a favourite with fans, as evidenced by the fact that it’s been in production since 2011. At a smaller scale, though, this fan-made version by mzxgod does a great job [...]

20 hours ago

LEGO Adds 75144 Snowspeeder to the Star Wars UCS Lineup

Today LEGO is announcing the latest set in the Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series: the 75144 Snowspeeder! While perhaps this hasn't been the best kept secret out there, at least we now have high resolution images, the designer video, and of course the full press release. To see what this new [...]

21 hours ago

Fischer TiP

Fischer TiP - electricBricks p.hello { font-size:12px; color:darkgray; }#google_language_translator, #flags { text-align:left; }#google_language_translator { clear:both; }#flags { width:165px; }#flags a { display:inline-block; [...]

23 hours ago

LEGO Announces UCS Snowspeeder (75144)

LEGO announced earlier today on their twitter feed the newest LEGO Star Wars UCS set, 74144 Snowspeeder. The quick deets: $199.99 US / $249.99 CA, 1,703 pieces, available on the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May 4th, 2107, and includes two generic, non-named minifigs of a pilot and gunner. But [...]

23 hours ago

Madame Pele unleashes her fiery anger

It’s hard to improve on the builder’s own title of “Panic in paradise!”, but when I first saw this beautiful and terrifying little scene by Marcel V., I immediately thought of the Hawaiian goddess Pele, simultaneously destroying as she creates new land. While I’m [...]

23 hours ago

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