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55004421 Musicians Minifigure Collection : Seulement chez Toys R Us et en Allemagne

Avis à tous les collectionneurs de minifigs, voici une nouvelle série de quatre packs exclusifs à l'enseigne Toys R Us dont le premier est actuellement proposé au tarif de 14.99 € par Toys R Us en Allemagne. Dans cette boite portant la référence 55004421, quatre "musiciens" [...]

1 minute ago

Before Rocky shows up

You’d imagine a LEGO gym model would be stuffed full of minifigs in exercise poses. Not so this scene from Mrbones Bricks — the place is completely empty except for the lonely janitor. The gym’s interior is nicely built — don’t miss the hanging punchbag, the lockers, [...]

40 minutes ago

LEGO Dimensions Fantastic Beasts Story Pack

A quick clarification on the Story Packs; I reported what I thought was a Ghostbusters themed starter set for LEGO Dimensions. It appears I was mistaken and these $49.99 USD story packs do not include the required portal and disc to play. They are really just $30.00 figure packs that come with a [...]

6 hours ago

Through the Siq to the hidden Nabatean city of Petra

As I wrote in introducing ArzLan’s LEGO Petra, I spent the summer of 1994 on an archaeological dig in Jordan, and visited Petra for one memorable weekend. Both Petra and Jordan as a whole remain one of the highlights of my life. Legranger Absurde has built a lovely microscale version of [...]

7 hours ago

LEGO Worlds Gets an Update

blog post by TT Games' Chris Rose where he details the changes. I for one am sad to see the Carrot of Doom go away, because that is just an awesome name. If you're playing the game, let us know in the Talkback what you think of the changes!

8 hours ago

When you gotta go, you gotta LE-GO

I suppose derjoe has just created another public space like a museum, library or cafe. But this is the first time that I’ve seen public toilets used as the theme for a LEGO ‘playset’. The builder has cleverly captured some of the common findings in a male public toilet block, [...]

12 hours ago

Nexo Knights recon outpost

LEGO’s Nexo Knights line has brought us some great new pieces and some cool recolored parts, but aside from a few isolated examples, the theme hasn’t sparked a wave of fan-built creations. This recon outpost model from Henry F. stood out as a result. This scene captures all the elements [...]

15 hours ago

New LEGO Star Wars 75159 Death Star unveiled at LEGO Store in Maryland [News]

Our friends over at Brickset have just shared new photos of a previously rumored new Death Star, as LEGO Store employees in Arundel Mills, Maryland build the set in advance of displaying it in their store. We’ll share the usual high-res photos and press release once we have them from LEGO, [...]

19 hours ago

Charming medieval cottage

A few weeks back, Graham Gidman wowed us with his LEGO barrel-riding scene from The Hobbit. Now he brings us this wonderful little diorama. The stonework on the cottage walls is fabulous, and the curved roof with its spattering of studs makes for a lovely shape. The smooth flow of the roof is [...]

21 hours ago

Unique Ship Building Techniques

Brethren of the Brick Seas members have been creating some great looking ships using alternative techniques without pre-fab hulls. CB4 built The Nemesis using is own SNOT technique.  An unnatural calm has fallen over the Brick Seas as this sailing ship lies in harbour. [...]

22 hours ago

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