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A LEGO temple worthy of a god

Zeus, the Greek god of thunder and lightning, is keeping an eye over this temple built in his honor by Oliver Becker. Or is he getting ready to smite it? I’m not really sure. Either way, this tiny LEGO temple nestled in billowing clouds is lovely. [...]

6 minutes ago

Holy chiseled abs, Batman!

Few do strong LEGO character creations as well as nobu_tary. Just check out Metabee, Rei Ayanami and RX-77-2 Guncannon, all made by the same builder. But today’s build is none other than the caped crusader, which has been captured brilliantly despite a lack of facial features. [...]

4 hours ago

LEGO Viking Stave Church

This lovely church by John Tooker has some great textures and details. Just look at that cobblestone wall, the wood planks that make up the walls of the church, and, of course, the round 2×2 tiles that make up the roof tiles. Excepting the grassy areas (which look a little bit like astroturf [...]

5 hours ago

Reflect on LEGO Ninjago Seasons 5 and 6: Possession and Skybound

Museum at has been updated with new pages covering LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season Five: Possession and Season Six: Skybound. Each page includes an overview of the season along with links to pages on the season's most significant characters, locations, vehicles, and [...]

6 hours ago

First Three <i>The Freemaker Adventures</i> Episodes on YouTube

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures on your own schedule, but can't wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray release in December? Fortunately for you, the LEGO Group has uploaded the first three episodes (A Hero Discovered, The Mines of Graballa, and Zander's Joyride) to their YouTube channel! The videos may [...]

10 hours ago

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in Microscale

The Globe Theater is iconic, with a long rich history. Artisan Bricks has recreated the theater in microscale, complete with removable roof for easy stage access.

11 hours ago

10252 VW Coccinelle

11 hours ago

How to build LEGO trees – more techniques

Building realistic vegetation with LEGO is one of the hardest skills to master, as square plastic bricks and organic shapes found in nature are as far from each other as they can be. There are some ready-made LEGO flowers, leaves, and vines that can help decorate a landscape, but to realistically [...]

11 hours ago

Scarlet Spider Joseph Wade Custom Minifigure

An undercover FBI agent assigned to investigate the new Doctor Octopus, Carolyn Trainer, Joe Wade is discovered and forced to undertake a virtual reality graft. Carolyn turns him into a hard-light holographic duplicate of the Scarlet Spider, in order to ruin his good name. This Scarlet Spider [...]

14 hours ago

Concours : Des sets LEGO Marvel Super Heroes et Star Wars à gagner !

Pour bien commencer la semaine, je vous propose un concours qui permettra aux plus chanceux d'entre vous de remporter l'une des quatre boites mises en jeu. Au programme, deux exemplaires de l'un des meilleurs sets 2016 de la gamme LEGO Marvel Super Heroes et deux exemplaires d'un [...]

17 hours ago

LEGO [email protected]/* */’s Rogue One Force Friday Deals

This Friday, September 30th, is Force Friday, when all the new toys for the upcoming Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, go on sale to the general public at all major retailers. LEGO [email protected]/* */ and Brand Retail locations are getting in on the fun and are offering a [...]

18 hours ago

The Battlestar Chelone

Since the 2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica television series is easily one of my favorite shows of all time, I immediately fell in love with Bart Larrow‘s recent build, the Battlestar Chelone. Even if you haven’t seen the TV show yourself, there’s a lot to love about this LEGO ship. [...]

18 hours ago

Best Buy Offers Discount On Dimensions Supergirl PS4 Starter Pack

Best Buy is offering a decent pre-order price for the LEGO Dimensions Supergirl Playstation 4 Starter Pack. It normally retails for $89.99 but Best Buy is offering it for just $49.99. But wait there’s more! If you’re a Gamers Club Unlocked member, you’ll save an additional 20% off [...]

20 hours ago

An Interview With Stuart Sayger, Part 1

Stuart Sayger, the artist behind Bionicle's Ignition comic series in 2006 and 2007, was at Baltimore Comic Con earlier this month. BZPower staff and retired staff ChocolateFrogs and 55555, respectively, met up with Sayger to chat about the Bionicle comic, his work and style, and his experiences in [...]

21 hours ago

Imperial Dancetroopers take pointe

Sometimes all a Stormtrooper wants to do is to dance! Laurene Johnsone brings us a little-seen side of the life on an Imperial soldier — the ballet classes.

23 hours ago

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