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It’s on like Donkey Kong

Whether he’s hurling barrels at Jumpman, riding a rhino through the jungle, or power-sliding around a tight corner in his go-kart, Donkey Kong is one impressive ape. And vincentkiew‘s LEGO Kong has all the charm and style of the iconic gorilla. Just look at those opposable digits! [...]

2 hours ago

Green and white to sail the ocean blue

What I love most about this gallant old tall ship by Sebeus I is that it’s still distinctly in the style of the classic LEGO Pirate ships I remember from the early 90s. Of course, this one is both much larger and much better detailed, but it still incorporates the large hull elements and [...]

5 hours ago

Compte-rendu de l’exposition "Tous en Briques" à Chaulnes

Les 8 et 9 avril s’est déroulée la première édition de l’exposition Tous en Briques à Chaulnes dans la Somme. Cette exposition a été initiée par les trois frères de la famille Van Dijk, William, Floyd et Kevin. Tous les 3 passionnés de LEGO depuis leur tout jeune âge possèdent [...]

5 hours ago

Disney Pixar Releases New Cars 3 Trailer

Cars 3 will be in theaters on June 16, 2017. I am hoping this movie will redeem the series after that steaming pile known as Cars 2 was. The story seems to be refocused back onto the main protagonist from the first film, Lightning McQueen, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice. But the [...]

5 hours ago

Waiter, there’s a crab in my soup

Feast your eyes on this crustacean-themed restaurant and hostel called the Osaka Crab, built by Ian Hoy. This modular building can be split to reveal the restaurant within the ground and first floors [that’s first and second floors for you Americans – Ed] and then a couple of bedrooms [...]

8 hours ago

Pushing the limits of interplanetery design with COSMO Engineering

Volker Brodkorb uses some of the finest techniques for a proper presentation of a new LEGO creation. Not only did he publish some eye-catching pictures of the spacecraft, but also called it a prototype and furnished illustrations with a pretty captivating background story about the COSMO [...]

11 hours ago

The LEGO Animation Book review & thoughts

An increasingly popular side-branch of the LEGO hobby is creating LEGO stop-motion videos, also referred to as brickfilms. While a number of online blog posts and video tutorials are available on brickfilming, there has been a real need for a comprehensive and easily understandable guide to help [...]

13 hours ago

Uphold the mission with LEGO Titanfall 2 BT-7274, Legion, and Tone

Marius Herrmann has built several excellent LEGO Titans from Titanfall 2, including Ion and Northstar, along with Ronin. Now, he shows some love for the campaign’s protagonist, the lovable Marauder Corps death machine that is BT-7274. BT’s lightweight frame was captured accurately using [...]

14 hours ago

UG Minifigs White Lantern Batman Custom Minifigure

This White Lantern Batman Custom Minifigure is the 5th pad printed release by UG Minifigures following on from Zebra Batman, Human Torch, Dr Fate and Captain Marvel. This White Lantern Batman Custom Minifigure features a single sided head and double sided printed torso. He also comes with a silver [...]

18 hours ago

Micro/Midis Contest

It’s been a while since our last contest, and with Star Wars Days coming up we thought it a good time to get the ball rolling again. The challenge is pretty simple, so to make it interesting we’ve split it into two categories – basically two smaller contests run simultaneously and [...]

19 hours ago

Bulk Sale Discount For RLUG Members

Matt via NCLUG reports a sale running April 27th through May 7th, in which RLUG members can buy Pick-A-Brick parts by the case. You will have to visit your local store in person to see the selection, as store employees will not have a list available over the phone. For more information, please [...]

21 hours ago

LEGO Creator Expert 10256 Carousel Set Image

The first images of the rumored LEGO Creator Expert 10256 Carousel has surfaced online! This is taken from the June 2017 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar. Looks like there the Carousel will feature several different animals on the ride including a Swan. (via BrickGeekz)   0 Forum [...]

21 hours ago

[USA] ToysRUs 15% off Entire Purchase including LEGO (excludes Hard to Find)

Until Wednesday, April 26, Toys R Us America will be offering 15% off your entire purchase. This includes LEGO sets! However, there are exclusions which includes LEGO Hard to Find. Use code FRIEND15 at checkout for online purchases or you can print the in-store coupon as well. Free shipping on [...]

21 hours ago

We’re gonna need a bigger rolled-up newspaper...

I always love builds that use a specific part to great effect. Case in point is Takamichi Irie‘s utilization of the wings from an Ant Man LEGO set on his macro scale hornet. The shaping of the segmented body and precise colour blocking is expertly done. Not to mention the lovely combination [...]

23 hours ago

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